Saturday, January 11, 2014


Yet another port of Quartet is coming! It has to be the most ported game of the century.
Anyhoo this time it's the good old ZX Spectrum that is getting the twichy gameplay. What you see above is an early mockup of how the game could look. Stay tuned.

Game Jam - Speedate

During the 2013 Game Jam I contributed to 3 games! This one, Speedate, is a card-based speed-dating sim that runs in your browser.

Game Jam - Quadroid

Back way at Game Jam 2012 I took part in making a 4 player game called Quadroid. As usual everything was made in 48 hours. The game was quite fun but due to some cutting edge multiple gamepad drivers we never managed to iron out the compatibility issues. Perhaps some day.

Super Bread Box Video Cradle

Oh and I also made this video cradle for

Super Bread Box

Yo dawg I herd you liek boxes so here's a box cover for Super Bread Box. SBB is a C64 remake ("demake") of Vlambeer's rather famous Super Crate Box. As usual is published by RGCD

Assembloids Box

 Assembloids, a c64 game I did graphics for is out in cartridge, deluxe cartridge, and casette tape format.
You can buy it over on RGCD.

Little Ripper Shirts

A while ago I made the cover for Abortifaceint's Little Ripper EP, complete with poster gig and whatnot. Also, t-shirts. If you're into unholy skulls you could do much worse.

n00bstar - Operator

n00bstar made a rather spiffing album entirely using Klystrack. Space disco chiptune zomg! Cover by yours truly.

Get the album here!

The Dawn of Reason

Aaand another C64 petscii piece. 
This one is less pop and more arty I guess.

The Game is Apaw!

Lots of C64 activities this year. Here is a PETSCII image, which is something similar to ASCII, that is to say pictures made out of text.

Phaser Labs

Oh and this is the logo for the upcoming Phaser Labs


My good friend and partner in crime Richard Davey (of photonstorm fame) made this incredible HTML5 game development framework called Phaser. I had the honour of draweringering a logo for it.
If you are into HTML5 and game dev, you should already have checked and

Vandalism News #60

Made this logo for the 60th issue of a C64 demoscene diskmag. The issue was Melbourne-themed so I paid homage to Melbs' elaborate coffee culture.You can grab the mag here


Another c64 piece. C64 pixelling is lots of fun, it's like playing a puzzle game while you draw.
This one's a rework of a very old 4-colour piece

Party On, Fishbone!

A Commodore64 pic I made. 
Won the Flashback2013 paty oldschool gfx compo, yay!
click or be clicked

Merry Klystmas

A bit of a belated Merry Klystmas! 
Klystrack got another update with some bugfixes and NEW! THINGS!
Check it out as usual at