Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Concept Study

A concept study, for a mysterious project.


  1. Can you contact me with e-mail: drafti@gmail.com ... Or what is the best/fastest way to contact you? I'd like to request a little logo from you for our upcoming Commodore 64 demo. Your Sir Marmot Wombadger was very nice especially considering it is normal Multicolor (Koala). You are very talented!

  2. I can also be contacted through these protocols/services:

    MSN: toni.paavola@msn.com
    Gmail: toni.paavola@gmail.com
    ICQ: 12331164
    Yahoo: draft64 (or is it draft64@yahoo.com)
    Facebook: Toni Paavola (www.facebook.com/drafti)
    and IRC: vedos (on IRCnet/EFnet/Freenode).