Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pixel Application for Mobile Phones

Here's a little app I concieved years ago, while I was still wasting a couple of hours every day riding the bus to work. It's a program for making pixel graphics, and has a very streamlined interface that has been designed especially for use with mobile phones, on the bus, in a park, on the toilet...
This is a mockup for 176*208 phones. I might make another one in 240*320 soon.

Here's a version with the help overlay turned on, which gives you a glimpse of the awesomestness of the interface :D

So, if you are a J2ME or Symbian programmer, and interested in this kind of endeavours, drop me a line.


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  2. wow ! Insta buy if released one day.

  3. I would kill for a pixel program like this for my Windows Mobile device (Dell Axim x50v/ WM6)... truly an amazing piece of work (and that's just the mock-up).

  4. The app is actually being developed for Java enabled phone, so perhaps you won't have to kill anyone ;D

  5. OMG please finish and share this awesomeness to the world i'd pay for it. I'd need this allow 32x32 work dimensions.
    Can't wait to make pixel art on my phone.
    P L E A S E release it ! ♥

  6. What kind of a phone do you have?

  7. Having such an application for J2ME would really be a thing to pay for. =) There are a few Paint-like tools, but they are not designed specially for pixelling something.
    But please don't make it a commercial midlet: you know how fast the illegal copies pop up. =)